AssetTrack IT Asset Tracking Software for barcode or RFID scanning gives your asset manager the power to customize the system to meet your specific business requirements, including creating fields and forms, managing pick lists, configuring data validation rules and publishing behavior. All customization can be done without writing code, making AssetTrack adapt easily to changing business requirements.  Barcode Scanning,  Asset Tracking,  DataReconciliation,  and ITAM Human processes are all areas we can help.

Create your own data capture activities

Extensive form design support in AssetTrack allows IT asset managers to create data capture activities that ensure the captured data supports high-level process and program goals. Some of the many options include:

  • Support for a variety of activities (e.g. Purchase Order, Audit, Single asset etc.)
  • User/Group activity access rules
  • Customize the fields to collect
  • Choose from a wide array of validation rules
  • Complex scan pattern recognition
  • Optional field auto-population

Custom fields

The default AssetTrack installation is configured with the IT Asset Tracking and data capture fields and forms common to most asset tracking programs. Your solution, however, will most likely need to track additional information, specific to your IT asset tracking needs. AssetTrack gives you the power to extend the default model with your own custom fields. From Import to data capture to publishing, the asset manager has control over how and when these custom fields should be used.

Custom validation rules

Should receiving be able to submit data without providing a barcode or RFID asset tag? Should the field technician be able to add a new location? Should a custom text field match a specific pattern to be considered valid?

AssetTrack gives you fine-grained design support for having the right rule for the right field to empower you to design ITAM data capture processes that align best with your high level program goals. Design tasks that provide quality data and enforce complex but flexible data collection policies.

A variety of input methods

While mobile device support is a particular strength of AssetTrack, the product supports a variety of input methods, some of which may be more appropriate depending on the context. Custom data capture tasks can be created for the following input methods:

  • Mobile devices
  • Desktop web browsers
  • Delimited data file uploads
  • Automated API calls

Centralized Deployment

Application changes made by asset managers apply instantly to all connected devices, and are downloaded the next time any offline devices reconnect.  After the initial installation, there is no application deployment required because the application is based on configuration data that is easily distributed to all devices while they operate.