Gains that occur when you embrace an ITAM program with AssetTrack 4 as a foundation

Without an organized ITAM process, you have an open door to bad data.

When an item is purchased and received, and models don’t match the invoice, they are not checked in correctly. When service tickets demand the retirement of assets, equipment is often removed physically but not from asset inventory. When employees leave, their equipment is rarely returned back to usable inventory for redeployment. When assets are disposed, improper chain of custody tracking puts the organization at severe risk of regulatory penalties and loss of sensitive data. The lack of efficient asset tracking process results in extremely bad quality data which limits your ability to make cost-saving decisions and increases overall risk.

AssetTrack 4 paired with a healthy ITAM program eliminates 98% of all database errors. AssetTrack ensures that your data is clean, valid and the methods you use to maintain the data are trusted. When confidence in your data is high, ITAM becomes a valuable foundation for IT management.


AssetTrack 4 delivers these items saving money and minimizing risk:

  1. You now have the ability to adequately respond to hardware vendor audit requests by simply running a report. This visibility of your equipment allows you to make valid
    decisions to plan for changes in operations and technology feature benefits.
  2. You now have the ability to comprehensively identify all physical assets currently available “in stock” using an automated, dynamic process. Reports can be generated
    instantaneously with minimal additional human overhead to avoid unnecessary purchases. This will save you real dollars while ensuring required assets remain available to the business.
  3. You now have the ability to systematically maintain chain of custody of assets through entire asset lifecycle to provide an audit trail of location and status of asset from discovery to disposal. This minimizes risks of litigation due to inappropriate disposal methods and lack of ability to validate that the disposed products were outside your chain of command. This also minimizes the need for formal scheduled human audits.
  4. You now have the complete visibility into the number of instances present for each version of a hardware component. This will allow you to know the true cost of ownership of your managed asset classes so that you can standardize and use the lowest-cost and highest-value asset models.
  5. You now have the ability to adequately identify hardware maintenance volume needs based on deployment information. Knowing this allows you to negotiate service contracts that are tailored precisely to your needs, eliminating overspending while ensuring 100% coverage of your asset base.
  6. You now have a register of all IT hardware owned by the company across the global footprint by product category, lifecycle category, and geographic location. Since your shareholders, financiers (The bank) and government regulators often demand this type of information to align with their ownership and parallel risk, you will now be able to deliver this map of assets immediately with little additional overhead. If you are a public company, you are now able to satisfy asset management control requirements mandated by Sarbanes Oxley.
  7. You now have a comprehensive catalog of all deployed assets reaching end of vendor support life. This allows you to terminate support contracts in a timely manner to avoid overpaying for support that is no longer needed. You can also effectively plan refreshes that ensure Evergreen status where all assets are covered under warranty, and for end of life actions such as recycling or disposal.
  8. You now have the ability to rank field service techs performance based on scanned asset activity when they are closing tickets and moving assets. You can run reports and compare activity levels so you have an understanding of “buy-in” to your ITAM policy. You can then create policies (like competition) that improve the adoption of your ITAM process by your people.
  9. You now have the ability to reconcile deployed asset inventory against fixed asset registry. If you have field based employees or mobile technology solutions, then the definition of deployed assets becomes very murky. AssetTrack 4 helps you to track all of your assets independent of their use or function.
  10. You now have the ability to ensure accurate deployed software component volumes based on knowledge of accurate deployed hardware component volumes. With software  licensing being a substantial cost in a company, it is important to understand where it is.
  11. You now have the ability to reclaim off-boarded equipment when employees leave the organization or transfer to another function. This equipment can be re-purposed and reused as new employees are on-boarded.
  12. You now have the ability to minimize risks associated with the loss of sensitive data. Since you have a better understanding of where your equipment is, you can create policies and safeguards to minimize data security breaches.