Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-05T12:52:46-07:00
How much does AssetTrack for ServiceNow cost?2019-01-16T15:47:32-07:00

We price AssetTrack for ServiceNow by the number of Assets ServiceNow actively manages.

For a detailed quote on annual SaaS licencing for your use case, request a quote.  Many customers partner with AMI professional services to accelerate training and implementation success. Most customer implementations use pre-packaged services offered for one time investment. We look forward to discussing the AMI customer success model with you.

When do I pay?2018-10-25T08:58:36-07:00

We’ll bill you once you’ve completed testing and are ready to install into production. You will receive an invoice when you complete the purchase of the app in the ServiceNow store. No out-of-pocket cost for you until then.

When does my subscription term start?2018-10-25T08:59:34-07:00

Your subscription starts when you complete your purchase in the ServiceNow store. It does not matter when you install the application in production. It is up to you to ensure you’re ready for production install before completing the purchase via the ServiceNow store.

When do I need to renew my subscription for another term?2018-10-25T09:00:23-07:00

Issue a new purchase order within five business days of the current term expiration. AMI will provide a new license key which you will apply to your ServiceNow instance to continue using the software.

Do you have any material that would help me create a business case for my supervisor?2018-10-25T09:01:04-07:00

Yes. Start with our ROI calculator. We’ve got a ton of other materials for you on our site.

Which assets count against my asset-based license limit?2018-10-25T09:02:09-07:00

By default, we count the number of Active asset records in an alm_hardware table. An “Active” asset is one that is in your possession (In Stock, In Use, Retired/Pending Disposal). Assets that you don’t physically have (On Order, Returned, Disposed) don’t count against your license limit. AMI can customize your license if you have customized the ServiceNow State choice list, use custom alm_asset tables (alm_facility, alm_consumable, alm_custom), or other customizations.

Can I filter out assets I don’t need to track?2019-01-29T13:51:23-07:00

Yes. We can configure filters in our licenses so you are only charge for what you need from AssetTrack. For example, we can count only assets of certain Model Categories. You could have a million assets in your Hardware Asset table, but only use AssetTrack to track a few thousand Laptops. You can have non-trackable things like Buildings in your Asset table, but not have those apply against your license limit.

Which users count against my user-based license limit?2018-10-25T09:03:24-07:00

We count sys_user records that have any of the AssetTrack for ServiceNow user roles (x_amiam_data_collector, x_amiam_form_designer, x_amiam_admin). These are named users licenses which cannot be shared.

What happens if I exceed my license limit?2018-10-25T09:04:04-07:00

If you go over your license limit of assets, you have sixty (60) days to either a) get your active asset count back under the limit or issue a purchase order to increase your license limit. After the 60-day grace period, AssetTrack will stop working until a new license key is applied. The grace period allows you to temporarily exceed your license to support normal refresh activities.

What kind of support do you provide?2018-10-25T09:04:46-07:00

We’ll be there to answer your questions and fix any problems. We provide 24/7 email, portal support via Also, included with every annual subscription is US-hours phone support.

What version(s) of ServiceNow does AMI support?2018-10-25T09:05:27-07:00

All non-express, ServiceNow versions. Typically, we certify new versions a week or two before ServiceNow releases them.

Do I need special scanning hardware to use AssetTrack for ServiceNow?2018-10-25T09:06:11-07:00

No, you can scan with your phone. Scanning hundreds of assets in a warehouse? Buy a scanner attachment to speed scan. Buy an RFID reader, to use RFID technology. They all work with AssetTrack for ServiceNow.

Can AssetTrack read our existing tags?2018-10-25T09:07:03-07:00

Yes. For QR, Data Matrix, 1D, 2D, RFID… etc. No need to apply additional tags.

Do users need a ServiceNow license?2018-10-25T09:07:46-07:00

No. You don’t need to buy extra ServiceNow licenses.

How does AssetTrack work with ServiceNow?2018-10-25T09:08:20-07:00

Install AssetTrack within the ServiceNow cloud environment. Then, install AssetTrack mobile on your device. This talks directly to your ServiceNow instance via secure web services.

Does AssetTrack add fields to the ServiceNow Hardware table?2018-10-25T09:09:13-07:00

Yes. AssetTrack adds fields to track:

  • Who scanned the last item
  • What AssetTrack form they used
  • The last audit state (found, unexpected, expected, new)
  • When the asset was last audited
Does AssetTrack find assets on my network (a.k.a. Discovery)?2018-10-25T09:09:44-07:00

No, but we work with discovery. Discovery to CI table, we report the hardware table, and they update each other.

Does AssetTrack work offline?2018-10-25T09:10:18-07:00

Yes. Use AssetTrack when disconnected from the network. When users reconnect, AssetTrack will synchronize all work with your central repository.

Does AssetTrack track software licenses?2018-10-25T09:10:57-07:00

AssetTrack tracks physical assets, not virtual ones.

Does AssetTrack integrate with ServiceNow tasks?2018-10-25T09:11:54-07:00


Does AssetTrack sound alarms to deter theft?2018-10-29T14:40:15-07:00

AssetTrack does not fire off any alarms. But, ServiceNow supports this via rules.

Can AssetTrack send email notifications?2018-10-29T14:38:28-07:00

Not directly. But, you can configure rules within ServiceNow to do so. ServiceNow will send emails when those rules are met. For example, if total laptops in a stockroom fall under 10, then notify Jane to buy more laptops.

Will AssetTrack work with my firewall?2018-10-25T09:15:20-07:00


Will my existing scanners work with AssetTrack for ServiceNow?2019-01-16T15:50:11-07:00

AssetTrack works out-of-the-box with just about every dedicated scanner on the market as well as all Android and Apple smartphones.

Do I need to dedicate servers and people to run AssetTrack for ServiceNow?2018-10-25T09:16:53-07:00

No need to buy or use your servers to run AssetTrack for ServiceNow. No servers required, means no people to manage them. ServiceNow takes care of all that.

How long does it take to install AssetTrack?2018-10-25T09:17:31-07:00

About 30 minutes. Then, tweak some settings to make it even better. If needed, we can help.

If I uninstall AssetTrack, will that impact any ServiceNow features?2018-10-25T09:18:12-07:00

No. When AssetTrack is uninstalled from a ServiceNow instance, the alm_hardware table, and all other common ServiceNow tables, are untouched. There will be no negative impact to ServiceNow asset management capabilities when AssetTrack is uninstalled.

Does AssetTrack print barcodes?2018-12-14T11:22:39-07:00

No. AMI recommends and sells pre-printed barcode labels instead.

Pre-printed barcode labels cost less, are higher quality, and are guaranteed to be unique. Self-printing labels is far more trouble than it’s worth. You have to make sure no tag values are reused, printers and ribbons are maintained, and users are trained. After all that, you end up with inferior tags that won’t stay stuck to your assets. 

Use a process to assign a pre-printed asset tag to each asset at the receiving dock or during inventories. Associate the new asset tag to the asset serial number. If a tag falls off, assign a new asset tag and associate it to the asset serial number. Never reuse asset tags.

Better yet, pay your hardware reseller to tag the assets for you and be done with it.

See our Asset Tracking Guide for more information.

Does AMI or AssetTrack for ServiceNow have access to customer data?2019-03-14T09:54:53-07:00


AssetTrack for ServiceNow is a ServiceNow “scoped application.” It runs entirely within the Customer’s ServiceNow environment. No ServiceNow customer data is sent to AMI, nor accessed by any AMI employee.

Does AMI have a formal information security policy for handling sensitive customer data?2019-03-14T08:36:44-07:00


AMI does not handle sensitive customer data.

AMI does have formal information security policies for securing AMI internal information such as our source code, company documents, HR files, and other company data.

Has AMI performed penetration testing on AssetTrack for ServiceNow?2019-03-14T09:59:33-07:00


Third party security company has penetration-tested AssetTrack for ServiceNow. All important security issues have been remediated.

Penetration testing and remediation results are available upon request. Contact for more information.