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Asset Tracking Products
Use AssetTrack to:

Capture Data

Capture asset data fast and accurately, using all modern, mobile platforms, supported by barcode and RFID technologies

Reconcile Data

Reconcile collected asset data centrally, that may have violated your configured, data validation rules… before it gets to the database.

Integrate Data

Integrate collected asset data into your existing asset management systems for people to make important business and purchasing decisions.

Capture Data

Use AssetTrack mobile applications to capture data rapidly, accurately, with existing devices, using Barcode and RFID technologies
Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

AssetTrack runs on all modern mobile platforms, online or offline, from anywhere in the field. Use the hardware you already have.

Support your existing devices including: iOS, Android,  and Windows 10

Save money by not retraining users with new hardware

Save time by configuring AssetTrack in a central location, and through ‘pushed’ updates to mobile devices

Improve data accuracy since users will adopt the process better using their own hardware

Barcode and RFID

AssetTrack supports all barcode and RFID scanners for data capture on any device.

Use fixed-position RFID readers to track assets moving through doorways

AssetTrack enforces data validation across all devices

Data collected across the enterprise will be compliant with your defined asset track process

Reconcile Data

Empowering The Asset Manager

As an asset manager, you are responsible for ensuring database accuracy. Don’t make your data collectors fix problems with collected data. That’s not their job.

The AssetTrack Publishing Queue is a data reconciliation tool to ensure data by your users in the field is complete, current, and accurate… before it is applied to the database. All collected data is processed by configurable, data validation rules, to prevent database corruption, ensuring what’s in the database matches what’s in the field.

Use the Publishing Queue to:

Capture data exceptions in a single location

Detect duplicate records

Detect improperly formatted data

Detect data conflicts

Manually review and reconcile data before submitting it to the database

Improve the trust of, and adoption by, others with accurate data for your asset tracking program

Integrate Data

Integrate Collected Data With Your Existing Systems

Out of the box, AssetTrack includes seamless, certified integrations with industry-leading IT Asset and Service Management platforms. Your collected data flows into your repository, real-time. With its data capture and validation tools, AssetTrack will maintain complete, current and accurate hardware asset data within your existing ITAM, CMDB and ERP systems.

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Integrate collected, AssetTrack data for others to make important business, financial and purchasing decisions

Save money and time by not building integrations for platforms that change, which could break integrations. Let AssetTrack maintain seamless integrations that don’t break.

Customize Your Solution

Make AssetTrack Work The Way You Work

Configure AssetTrack to work according to your defined asset management process, without writing code to:

Enforce compliance for your current asset tracking process

Improve speed and accuracy of collected data

Keep your database secure

Customize AssetTrack to increase the speed and accuracy of your asset management process:

Design custom forms, fields and business rules to specify what to collect

Define roles and permissions for who and what others can do

Use field auto-population to improve speed and accuracy of manual input

Configure publishing behavior to update multiple systems at once

Improve Your Process

See Trends To Improve Your Asset Management Process

Successful asset management is about people, process and tools working together. You want to know if this happening… or not, to do something about it.

Asset Tracking Products
AssetTrack Intelligence answers:

Are people performing asset management functions correctly?

Which groups or locations have the highest/lowest quality data?

Where should we apply more training?

AssetTrack Intelligence for trends:

View reports showing: who’s doing what, where things live, what processes are broken

View activity logs to know who is, and is not, supporting the process

View data collection accuracy by location to know where the process is improving or breaking down