Take Control of
Your IT Hardware

Manage risk, compliance and cost
savings through the entire lifecycle with our powerful,
easy-to-use cloud solution


Assets Tracked


IT Asset Data Accuracy


ITAM Control System

Digitally transform each
step in the hardware asset lifecycle

Control Risk

You can’t control risk if you don’t know what you have. AssetTrack delivers accurate hardware information and allows you to prevent data security lapses, vendor management risk, and compliance with your risk policies.

Reduce Cost

Our tools and workflows are designed to make it easy for field technicians to save time and money in each stage of the life cycle. With accurate and real-time information ITAM leaders can optimize maintenance contracts, reduce taxes and insurance.

Manage Compliance

AssetTrack provides you the tools, workflow and real-time reporting to have complete visibility of your IT hardware and assures compliance and preparation for regulatory, corporate, and vendor audits.

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Here's what our customers say

Why AssetTrack is the best choice

ITAM Leaders

This app is a game changer for collecting and keeping info accurate, secure and compliant.

Senior Executives

No app does a better job of keeping IT inventories current and complete.


Security Experts

Our app is built in ServiceNow, ensuring the highest level of data security.

ServiceNow Admins

Native to ServiceNow, this out-of-the-box app is easy to implement and maintain.

Field Technicians

Our easy-to-use app expedites asset tracking, giving you more time for other projects.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Track everything all the time

With barcode or RFID scanning that’s easy to use in the field, keep your asset database up-to-date so you’ll know where every piece of hardware is at every stage of the ITAM lifecycle.

2. Observe complete asset data in real time

By collecting and analyzing real time information you can trust, it’s effortless to spot and identify ITAM issues that need attention.

3. Act to immediately fix problems

From purchasing to compliance, you have insight to make better and faster ITAM decisions at your fingertips.

We have just the solution you need

Leading barcode and RFID system for ITAM

Top ITAM app plus managed services