Getting receiving right is the most important part of your asset management program, because it is this step that ensures alignment between a company’s operational and financial data as assets are introduced to the enterprise.

Receiving is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Establish the coveted “three-way matchRFID Scanner
  • Catch and correct delivery errors
  • Tag and register asset records with the asset tracking solution
  • Link asset records with the contracts and warranties used to procure and maintain them

Integrating Procurement and Asset Management

AMI receiving solutions built upon our industry leading AssetTrack 4 software deliver powerful yet simple receiving processes that update both financial and operational asset databases, ensuring the CFO and CIO have the data needed to make mission-critical, cost-saving business decisions.

Financial and operational alignment

By integrating financial and operational databases into one streamlined, barcode and RFID-enabled receiving process, AMI eliminates the need for future data reconciliations and wall-to-wall inventories.

Complete Receiving Solutions

AMI approaches asset lifecycle management holistically, as we describe in our philosophy. Successful receiving requires laying the right foundation ahead of time.  View a detailed step-by-step guide to preparing for receiving success to learn more about how to do receiving right.