Intelligent stockroom management is fundamental for being able to deliver business services with reliability, speed and precision. AssetTrack empowers its users with the tools needed to ensure availability of needed assets, maximize utilization, speed delivery, eliminate over-ordering, and reduce shrinkage.


A well-designed checkout process provides knowledge of who has what and when it is expected back to the stockroom. At check-out time, AssetTrack makes it easy to capture the assignee and signature for increased accountability and due dates for knowing when an asset is due back. This also helps with efforts to keep evergreen warranties by providing information about the location of assets with warranties that are about to expire.

Return to Stock

Keep costs down by preventing the purchase of unnecessary equipment by managing reusable assets. When employees leave or equipment is replaced, items need to be returned to the stockroom, providing the opportunity to triage the assets. If the asset is reusable, it can be placed back in stock, and if not, it can be retired and disposed.

Stockroom Cycle Audit

AssetTrack makes it easy to audit your stockrooms to ensure the repository has accurate data.  AssetTrack’s location audit feature with barcode or RFID readers allow users to quickly correct errors in the stockroom inventory, including:

  • Missing assets
  • Unexpected assets
  • New assets

Once complete, AssetTrack corrects database errors and enables accuracy reporting so enterprises can measure the accuracy of their repository over time.