Asset Tracking Best Practices

HAM for ServiceNow

AMI Now IAITAM Provider Member

AMI now a Provider Member for the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) What is IAITAM? IAITAM is the only globally recognized membership and training organization dedicated to offering the highest quality benefits, expertise, best practices, and professionalism to their members in this industry. IAITAM and IAITAM Members are truly dedicated to the [...]

Hardware Asset Management | Barcode and RFID Tagging Best Practices

Hardware Asset tagging recommendations from the experts The Asset Tagging Guide provides expertise in labeling IT assets for effective hardware asset tracking using barcode & RFID technology. It should be read by anyone who is considering tagging IT assets. Why asset tagging projects fail Many companies have tried and failed to tag assets using their [...]

AMI Named 2019 Top 10 ServiceNow Solution Provider

Streamlining IT Asset Management As a proponent of digitalization that helps streamline how work gets done, ServiceNow—a leading edge cloud-computing company delivering digital workflows—draws a lot of inspiration from some of the world’s top consumer-facing apps. Tom Watson, President and CEO of AMI During various keynote speeches, ServiceNow’s CEO, John Donahoe, has [...]

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RFID Asset Tag Expert Q&A

RFID is a seemingly-magic technology that solves all your asset tracking problems. However, there's no one-size-fits-all RFID solution. It's important to be aware of its many nuances. Below you'll find some of the most common questions we field from customers who are exploring RFID technology. Q: Can we re-use our existing RFID tags? A. Probably. [...]

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Recorded Webinar – Perform Stockroom Audits with Barcode & RFID

Learn How to Perform Stockroom Audits with Barcode and RFID Rick Goodlaski is the Lead Implementation Specialist at AMI, makers of the AssetTrack for ServiceNow certified application. He's implemented barcode and RFID hardware asset lifecycle tracking solutions for enterprise clients for the past 6 years and is the leading expert on AssetTrack for ServiceNow. This on-demand [...]

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