You should upgrade to AssetTrack® 4

AssetTrack® 4 is the single most significant evolutionary step for AMI's industry-leading barcode and RFID asset tracking solution. Current AssetTrack® 3 customers, as well as Asset Managers looking to drive additional value for their organizations, should upgrade their current solutions to AssetTrack® 4 to utilize the following powerful features introduced by the new release. Here's why. [...]

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Preparing for Receiving Success

Efficient receiving starts well before assets show up at the dock.  It requires laying the proper foundation and integrating relevant data ahead of time.  This post outlines AMI's best practices for receiving, which you can implement on your own or with our assistance. Integrate procurement data Efficient receiving is made possible by integrating purchasing information [...]

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AssetTrack makes Camcode’s Top 30 Barcode Scanner Apps

AMI is proud to announce that AssetTrack has made Camcode's new Top 30 Barcode Scanner Apps list released this month. Camcode is a leading manufacturer of barcode labels for all kinds of industries and uses.  Our customers often use Camcode to manufacturer high quality, durable asset tag labels for use in IT asset tracking.   [...]

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Simple Cost Analysis for RFID Options

Not surprisingly, lately I’m being asked more and more about RFID. As prices drop on this technology, its benefits become more and more attractive. I’m a strong advocate for RFID. I’ve written about its value in comparison to other tagging methods (see a summary here). I also produced a webinar titled “Finding the Sweet Spot [...]

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RF Code Launches a new, smaller active tag

RF Code announced today the release of the new M174 active tag, which is much smaller than its predecessor. RF Code M174 Active RFID Tag My customers love the automation of active RFID as it completely removes the human factor. However, the tag size has been an issue.  The RF Code tags are [...]

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