RFID Tips For Your Tag Team

RFID has the potential to streamline your asset tracking. Alas, for all its speed and convenience, it also has the potential to create inaccuracies by RFID readers not reading tags that you want and reading tags that you don’t. In our experience, many inaccuracies can be traced to two sources: RFID tag placement and reader…

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Should you RFID ASAP?

The promise of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for IT asset tracking is finally being fulfilled. After years of “hurry up and wait,” the technology has advanced sufficiently in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness to make it an option well worth the consideration of most Data Center Managers. RFID tags from companies such as Confidex are…

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AMI Announces Release of AssetTrack® 4, Adding Support For ServiceNow and All Major Mobile Operating Systems

AssetTrack® 4 Any Device

Seattle, WA – April 15, 2015: AMI, the leading provider of enterprise Hardware Asset Management software and services, today released the next generation of their enterprise asset tracking solution, AssetTrack® 4. With this new major release, AMI added powerful new barcode and RFID data collection applications and third-party platform integrations. Collecting and maintaining complete, current…

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