Track anything

worth tracking.

Enterprise-level tracking without the enterprise-level headache.

Asset Lifecycle Management

RFID & Barcode Tracking

Enterprise Auditing

Asset Management Consulting

Inventory & Consumable Tracking

ERP, ITAM, CMDB, ITAD Integration

software to know everything

Software to know

hardware to capture everything

Hardware to capture

expert to set everything up

Experts to set up

Does asset management hurt your brain?

Are the tools too hard to use so then, no one uses them? Are different teams using different processes yet nothing works—for anyone? Unable to show the impact of the changes to the business? Feeling under-appreciated by not proving your value? Unable to build a business case to support your strategy? Or, paying too much for a holistic asset management solution?

Ugh, right? But not anymore.

Ready for a team you trust to help you
get unstuck?

Make. Life Easier.

Ready for asset data that is always current, accurate & complete? Want confidence with a vendor that’s proven & trusted in the market? Excited about improving the bottom line? All that and more…

make simple

Make simple

Simplify complicated processes to make life easy—for everyone

don't overpay icon

Don't overpay

Affordable solution for software, hardware and consulting

see progress icon

See progress

Know the impact of the changes to people, processes & tools

show proof icon

Show proof

Prove to leaders your value to the business with exceptional reporting

keep evolving icon

Keep evolving

Guidance to help mature your asset management operations

takes a village icon

Takes a village

A team of experts to make asset management your friend, not foe

Software + Hardware + Wizards =
Everything integrated & automated


“AssetTrack® + AMI matured our ITAM across 70 countries for 100s of 1000s of IT
assets. Beyond simply tracking & bean-counters, AMI guided and matured our
intelligence to make informed business decisions.”


~ Asset Management Policy & Process Manager


Works as advertised

Listen, we’ve been doing this a while. For governments & Fortune 500s. We’ve learned a lot. Refined a lot. And matured a lot. Let us show you how this will make your life easier. A lot.


Schedule free assessment

Design a solution • Do proof of concept • Know if it works for you


Bring it all together

Set up software, hardware & tags • Integrate into your workflows • Train your people


Manage assets the right way

Auditing in place • Dashboards configured • Everything tracked • Support ready

Ready to achieve the success
of your peers in the industry?

Try before you buy.
Ensure AssetTrack integrates with your ServiceNow workflow.
Rest easy knowing you have support the whole way.


Too many asset managers struggle…

to manage their hardware assets the right way. We built this business on the belief you can….

Know everything you need to know. Have everything you need to have. And a team of experts to set everything up. To make asset management simple, reliable & fast. So you can focus on more important parts of your business.

Sound like something you want?


tom watson founder of ami

Tom Watson
Founder of AMI


How do you want your story to end?

Our professional team rounds out the entire AssetTrack® solution.

With us...

  • Training to complete your projects on time
  • Hardware working before starting the project
  • AssetTrack integrated into your workflows
  • Scripts written to automate complex processes
  • Know how to collect, approve & reconcile data
  • Track & manage large amounts of transactions
  • Crack experts to guide joint projects
  • Tangible numbers to impress the big kahuna

Without us...

  • Keep missing project deadlines
  • Keep wondering how to set up all your devices
  • Keep fighting fires with a piece-meal solution
  • Keep fixing the same manual processes
  • Keep trying to make sense of inaccurate data
  • Keep being confused as ever to make it all work
  • Keep feeling lonely with no one to call
  • Keep avoiding the boss with no solid evidence


Everything it takes. To make everything work.

So you can be recognized as the best asset manager at your next conference.

software icon



AssetTrack® to collect, track and report on all your hardware, installed on servers & handhelds.

hardware icon



The right RFID tags, handhelds, hardware & accessories to collect & store the data centrally.

professional services icon



Consulting, guidance, training, inventory & managed services to create an entire solution.

Want metrics to know at all times how
well you’re managing your hardware?

Download the Asset Management Maturity Guide

Not yet ready for an assessment? Are you more of the strong, silent type? No problem. We’ve got a guide to help you understand the stages of asset management maturity.

Don’t gamble with asset management

“I’m tired of asset management being so complex? Tired of trying wrangle in all our assets? Discouraged my boss doesn’t understand how complicated this is. I want a single source of truth for all assets. Data & reports to show & share everything. And to stop using tools that are no longer needed.”

Well then, let’s do that.
Contact us. We’ll get back to you right away to schedule a call or answer your questions.

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Most asset managers struggle to manage their hardware assets the right way. We provide a team of experts to set everything up—to make asset management simple, reliable & fast. So asset managers can focus on more important parts of their business.