Ghost Asset ROI

Stop paying for assets you don’t have.

Companies can average a 12 to 25% error rate between assets reported on their books and they really have. These “ghost assets” are hurting your bottom line, productivity, and could leave you open to legal consequences. Avoid the pitfalls of ghost assets with AssetTrack.

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When the Ghost Asset loss gets too big

Reconciling ghost assets without a tracking solution requires a physical inventory. A physical inventory by a third party $6-$9 per asset. This still doesn’t get ghosts to 0 as the report takes a week to assemble, and then gets sent as a spreadsheet to the company to import to their asset table. Not all items will reconcile.

What does AssetTrack do?

We make IT asset management simple.

AssetTrack helps ensure you can accurately and automatically track and verify your IT assets in real-time, with the data and analytics you need to take advantage of the full value of ServiceNow.

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