AssetTrack 5.0 Release Details

AssetTrack for ServiceNow empowers Hardware Asset Managers to get their people to follow a consistent process using data capture tools that accurately record asset data and captures analytics for continuous improvement. AssetTrack for ServiceNow version 5.0 takes this to a whole new level.   AssetTrack App Improvements AssetTrack is used by field techs, receiving dock…

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Using AssetTrack for ServiceNow in the FedRAMP High Cloud

FedRAMP provides certification for platforms like ServiceNow, AWS, Azure, etc. ServiceNow Scoped Apps don’t get certified for FedRAMP. The platform does. Here is a statement from ServiceNow directly regarding FedRAMP certification of Store apps: —- “Customers wishing to use AssetTrack for ServiceNow in their ServiceNow FedRAMP environment need to add the app to their Authority…

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AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.2 Release

AssetTrack 4.2

AMI is excited to announce the release of  AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.2, our latest software release delivering industry leading RFID and barcode control system technology. AssetTrack® for ServiceNow includes best-in-class tools for consumable management, dashboard and reports, Self-certification out-of-box (OOB), and lifecycle history tracking is out-of-box (OOB).  In addition enhancements have been made to advanced audits, self-certification,…

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This large bank had a compliance challenge

Bank Compliance

Compliance is a challenge: This top U.S. bank needed an asset management system that would deliver real-time, accurate information, so they could ensure company compliance with regulatory, financial and corporate requirements. They’d been relying on an outdated system that wasn’t able to be modified for their specific banking needs, only got them to 70% compliance…

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Self-Certification makes tracking remote assets simple


It has been more than a year since Covid-19 shut down the world, and even though things are starting to open again, we still aren’t ready for things to go back the way they were. In fact, we may never go back completely and we introduced Self-certification because of this. One of the biggest changes…

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AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 3.2 Release

AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 3.2 release

AMI is excited to announce the release of  AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 3.2, our latest software release delivering industry leading RFID and barcode control system technology. AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 3.2 includes best-in-class tools for audit, lifecycle analytics, and end-user self-verification giving managers unprecedented control of their hardware assets.   What you can expect from the AssetTrack®…

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AssetTrack® for ServiceNow is Quebec Certified

Quebec Certified

SEATTLE —AMI, the world leader in RFID and barcode IT asset management software, has announced AssetTrack® for ServiceNow is Quebec Certified. Quebec is the latest release of the Now platform application, which was made generally available in September 2020. AssetTrack® is the most popular app for hardware asset tracking in ServiceNow, with automated asset tracking,…

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Cost Analysis for RFID, Budgeting for Extreme Automation

RFID: Revised cost analysis

RFID has long had the promise of being the disruptive technology for IT asset management, but the COVID pandemic has created a new urgency for global enterprises around hardware asset management and more specifically, automating asset tracking. “What will it cost and how will that impact my budget?” Understandably, this is usually the first thing…

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