AssetTrack for ServiceNow 5.3 Release

We’re thrilled to announce the release of AssetTrack for ServiceNow Version 5.3, bringing a host of new features and improvements to elevate your asset management experience.



  • Real-time Audit Tracking: Ever had assets making a break for it during an audit? No Problem. Now, keep an eye on asset movements in and out of your stockroom in real-time. No more surprises – Advanced Audit provides a current state/count, ensuring pinpoint accuracy even as assets shuffle around during the audit hustle..
  • Audit Generator Enhancement: Create audit definitions specifying whether to initiate an audit if no assets meet the criteria.


  • Honeywell Device Integration: AssetTrack now supports the use of Honeywell devices for scanning, enhancing the scanning capabilities of your instance.


  • Customizable Portal Widget: A Self-Certification portal widget empowers ServiceNow developers to tailor it according to their preferences and seamlessly integrate it into their self-service portal.


Other Helpful Enhancements and Fixes

  • Transfer Configuration File Update: The updated transfer configuration file captures all new fields on our tables, eliminating the need for manual changes when moving between instances.
  • Performance Boost: AssetTrack events, such as clock and history events, are now added to a custom queue, preventing a decrease in performance during other events in ServiceNow.
  • Asset Lifecycle Visibility: Easily view the asset lifecycle changes directly on the asset record.
  • Read-only role for viewing reports without having administrative rights.
  • Updated validation script to include an error message that says “This stockroom has no bin tag for this model” on the move consumables form when destination stockroom doesn’t have a bin tag setup.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated a business rule on the department table to prevent an infinite loop when there is a circular reference on the parent.
    Resolved issue with PO Receive creating duplicate assets when receiving “On Order” assets that are not attached to a PO. Now the existing record is updated instead of creating a duplicate.
    Updated the conditional field visibility to properly check the conditions.
    Moved the Transfer Order option down in the menu bar.


Upgrade to AssetTrack for ServiceNow Version 5.3 today and take advantage of these powerful features and enhancements to streamline your asset management processes.