AssetTrack® for ServiceNow

Is your hardware asset management not delivering the results you need?
It’s time for a solution that will.

ServiceNow hardware asset management has gaps:

Inefficient phone scanning

Phone scanning isn’t efficient for a large volume of assets. You need automation that only RFID or commercial barcode scanners deliver.

Incomplete processes

Good data is essential for success, but can’t happen when you only track assets part time. You need complete lifecycle process control.

Do-it-yourself development

Customization is needed and requires increased development time and expertise.  Do-It-yourself projects can be risky and disappointing.

Behind the curve

If you’re investing in a solution to get results, you should get the most up-to-date, advanced technology.  Jump ahead, not into the past.

“Our big goal was to stay within ServiceNow with one asset management application to do it all. And that’s exactly what AssetTrack® does for us, tracking from the moment we receive hardware to the moment we send it to recycling, with the solution customized at every step to our requirements.”

Enterprise Infrastructure Supervisor

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AssetTrack® ensures you know exactly what you received, so you stop paying for recording errors or what you didn’t get.

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