Digitally Transform ITAM for Peak Performance

The world’s leading RFID and barcode scanning software for ITAM + #1 app for ServiceNow

“AssetTrack is a critical part of our global effort to mature ITAM across 70 countries and hundreds of thousands of IT assets. It is instrumental in helping us taking us beyond simply tracking, being bean-counters, to an advisory role with the intelligence to make informed business decisions.”

– Asset Management Policy & Process Manager

Say Goodbye to
Hardware Headaches

Complete Visibility

Built-in dashboards for instant and automated reporting

Full Asset Lifecycle

Handles every step from receive to dispose

Maximum Availability

Know where all assets are at all times to maximize use

100% Data Accuracy

Real-time updates and audits keep records current and complete

Improved Compliance

Automated and simplified collection and management ensures data you can trust

Enhanced Security

Native to ServiceNow, our app has all the platform’s protections, plus real-time, lifecycle asset visibility

Reduced Asset Costs

No more fees, licenses or taxes for ghost assets: Buy and maintain just what you need

Improved Decisions

Reliable, relevant information to drive better ITAM strategy, spending, and programs

Multi-User Audits

Enables teams to conduct a single audit at the same data center, warehouse or other location

We've got you covered.

Learn how AssetTrack for ServiceNow meets ITAM priorities for:

Coordinate ITAM Roles

Data Collector

Captures hardware information on location using scanning device which record real-time changes in ServiceNow.

Asset Manager

Designs, configures, coordinates, reconciles data and manages exceptions.

Senior Management

Analyze information for opportunities to mitigate risk, validate compliance and provide cost savings.

“Prior to using AssetTrack, we had multiple home-grown processes for recordkeeping that required updating fields across several systems. Now we’ve automated what we’d done manually, and the database resides in ServiceNow, our lab-wide platform. With AssetTrack, we have a strategic approach to managing device lifecycles.”

– IT Process Manager for U.S. Government

ITAM Control System

With AssetTrack for ServiceNow, track hardware with the tools your people need with feedback for continuous improvement of your ITAM process.


AssetTrack is fast and easy to use for your staff, supporting smartphones, barcode scanners, and RFID readers, to track every item easily throughout the organization at all times.


Continuous feedback on lifecycle activity ensure your processes are working as designed. Our audit options, including multi-user and blind audits, track and report data accuracy and identify gaps for continuous improvement.


AssetTrack for ServiceNow meets the needs of Asset Managers, Field Techs and Executives, with purpose-built tools, reports and dashboards that ensure the value of ITAM is realized without over-burdening your staff.

All the features, functions and flexibility you need to succeed

Our solution works better in the office, data center, storeroom, warehouse, receiving and field locations than anything in the marketplace

  • Built in ServiceNow for quick and simple implementation
  • Out-of-the-box solution with customizable workflow and forms
  • Easy to use in the field with purpose built forms
  • Scalable, with unlimited users, locations and geographies
  • Robust compliance checks, including regular, blind and multi-user audits
  • RFID and barcode scanning with any mobile or fixed scanning devices
  • Track IT hardware, IT accessories, facilities and other physical assets
  • Capture data online or offline
  • Real-time updates and integration into ServiceNow database
  • Custom data validation
  • Reporting includes missing assets, data accuracy and user activity
  • Reconcile data including exceptions, duplicate records, improperly formatted data, other data conflicts in a single location
  • Seamless secure integration with ServiceNow CMDB