AssetTrack Model Cleanup 1.1 Available Now

We are excited to announce the release of AssetTrack Model Cleanup version 1.1 which is available, for free, from the ServiceNow Store.

What’s new?

With the release of AssetTrack Model Cleanup 1.1, Asset Managers can now migrate models, Assets and CIs to different model categories.

Previously, this was not allowed, as migrating from one model category to another could result in needing to move Assets and their CIs to a different table in the CMDB. This was not supported, so we prevented Asset Managers from choosing Master Models in a different category.

What’s the problem? 

A lot of instances of ServiceNow have Asset model categorization all jacked up. Bad integrations with discovery, messed up data loads and other awful processes leads to Assets associated with models that are incorrectly categorized. Hardware assets are categorized as Software. Computers are categorized as Peripherals. And so on.

As an example, one of our customers had all Assets associated with model categories of “Hardware,” when the correct model categories should be Computer, Server, Switch, etc. Assets were in the wrong CI tables and there was no easy way to correct this data without major manual effort.

What about HAM Pro?

ServiceNow HAM Pro model normalization will attempt to map your models to ones in its master model database, but it doesn’t clean up any of your bad model, asset and CI information. It simply links your bad models to good ones so you have access to end-of-life dates. While valuable, this doesn’t make reporting easy using ServiceNow Asset Management.

AssetTrack Model Cleanup to the rescue.

Now, choose whatever Master Model you want when cleaning, in any category, and AssetTrack Model Cleanup will:

  • Update the Model Category of all related Assets – (Requires granting write access ACL to alm_asset.model_category field)
  • Move associated CIs to the correct CMDB table
  • Retire the old model

For HAM Pro users, using Model Normalization data can help you identify good Master Models to choose.

See it in action.

Here’s a demo video showing the new features of AssetTrack Model Cleanup.

Happy cleaning!