Are You Confused About the New ServiceNow Receiving App?

Confused about ServiceNow

ServiceNow has recently rolled out a smartphone hardware receiving app that is creating some confusion among asset managers on what it does and doesn’t do. We’ve had a number of clients ask about it, and here’s what I’m telling them. First off, you need to keep in mind that the goal of enterprise ITAM is…

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4 Tips for IT Asset Managers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tips for Asset Managers

Working from home is the new normal for millions of people, sending organizations and their employees rushing to buy computers, monitors and other technology so the stay-at-home workforce can do their jobs. The state of Colorado, for one, has spent $2.4 million on 1,800 laptops for remote employees, according to the Denver Post. With many…

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Barcode vs. RFID

barcode vs. RFID

  We’re often asked, “What’s the best solution for data collection and inventory tracking? Barcode or RFID?” It depends. Consider the following use cases: Receiving – With an advance shipment notice (ASN) and pre-tagging from your vendor in place, you can use RFID to receive assets at the dock, saving a ton of time. However, when…

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AMI Now IAITAM Provider Member

IAITAM Provider Member AMI

AMI now a Provider Member for the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) What is IAITAM? IAITAM is the only globally recognized membership and training organization dedicated to offering the highest quality benefits, expertise, best practices, and professionalism to their members in this industry. IAITAM and IAITAM Members are truly dedicated to the advancement…

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Hardware Asset Management | Barcode and RFID Tagging Best Practices

Hardware Asset Management

Hardware Asset tagging recommendations from the experts The Asset Tagging Guide provides expertise in labeling IT assets for effective hardware asset tracking using barcode & RFID technology. It should be read by anyone who is considering tagging IT assets. Why asset tagging projects fail Many companies have tried and failed to tag assets using their…

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Creating the Last Barcode Scheme Your Company Needs

Barcode Scheme

I walked by this utility pole the other day and counted three different identifiers attached to it. I see this quite a bit in our business:  a new team or vendor undertakes a tagging effort and imposes a new identification scheme to replace an older scheme like applying a new coat of paint. Why? Because…

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Simple Cost Analysis for RFID Options

Simple Cost Analysis for RFID options

Not surprisingly, lately I’m being asked more and more about RFID, and wanted to write a simple cost analysis for RFID options. As prices drop on this technology, its benefits become more and more attractive. I’m a strong advocate for RFID. I’ve written about its value in comparison to other tagging methods (see a summary…

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