Performance Data and Analytics

Your data might be accurate and under control, but without analytics, it’s just numbers in a database.

See beyond the numbers.

Performance Data and Analytics

If you are ready to start improving your HAM control system, you are headed in the right direction for success.  But there is on more step you need to take before victory can be declared.

Understand why implementing performance data and analytics is vital for being able to understand what your HAM control system data is telling you and how AssetTrack® can help.

You have asset tracking data, but without analyzing it, you’re

Making bad decisions

You can’t forecast future needs and spend if you don’t understand the complete lifecycle flow and utilization of assets.

Wasting time and money

When you don’t understand asset utilization and can’t forecast, you’re clueless about needs from service contracts, staffing, maintenance and infrastructure.

Don't know what you don't know

Bad decisions, wasted money, lost man-hours and overall frustration with sub-par asset management tools keep you powerless.

Increasing risk of bad stuff

Not understanding your complete hardware asset landscape opens the door to security threats, failed audits, and non-compliant hardware.

AssetTrack® delivers performance data and analytics

Increase productivity

Performance data and analytics shows how your assets move through their lifecycle and provides deeper insights.

Reduce operating expenses

Go beyond just having the data and understand what it means, so you can reduce waste and improve productivity and ROI.

Decrease capital expenses

Knowing how assets are utilized means you can reduce capital investment, improve returns, and lower your overall footprint.

Hardware asset managers create amazing results, like

  • $2m managed services savings in the first year with AssetTrack® for ServiceNow
  • Going from 67% to 100% compliance by top bank in the first year
  • $5m in savings over 5 years in soft cost by a healthcare platform
  • $8m saved annually in maintenance contracts by an airline from a single audit
  • $970k in reduce write-offs by transportation company in the first year