Field Technicians

Field Technicians

Your guide to finding a field-friendly asset tracking solution

You need scanning software that’s device-agnostic, fast and easy to use because you have other daily responsibilities, project deadlines and problems to solve. How can you find an app designed with the field tech in mind?

Start with the issues you face. Here’s a checklist:

Identify Challenges

  • Time constraints
  • Higher-priority tasks
  • People constraints
  • Support constraints
  • Technology that’s difficult to operate
  • Fields and forms that go on and on

What You Need

  • Keeps user hassles to a minimum
  • Fits into regular workflow
  • Device-neutral
  • Easy to use
  • Quick data entry
  • Fast and friendly support when needed

How AssetTrack Helps

  • Fast, accurate tools to capture updates
  • Easy to input and upload data to stay current
  • Works on any device available
  • Minimizes time to scan new
    assets and update locations/users
  • Expedites accurate audits, especially with multi-user option
  • Responsive tech support
  • Frees up time to fulfill other duties