How much does AssetTrack for ServiceNow cost?

AssetTrack for ServiceNow pricing is based on the number of assets in your ServiceNow instance. By default, we count In Stock and In Use assets in your alm_hardware table. On Order, Returned, Retired assets which you no longer have are not counted. (We can fine tune this to exclude assets that you don’t need to manage with AssetTrack for ServiceNow.)

No additional ServiceNow licenses are required for users using AssetTrack for ServiceNow users. Any user in your organization can track assets with AssetTrack for ServiceNow.

Estimate the number of assets in your ServiceNow instance, and then use that to request a quote.

When do I pay?

We’ll bill you once you’ve completed testing and are ready to install into production. You will receive an invoice when you complete the purchase of the app in the ServiceNow store. No out-of-pocket cost for you until then.

When does my subscription term start?

Your subscription starts when you complete your purchase in the ServiceNow store. It does not matter when you install the application in production. It is up to you to ensure you’re ready for production install before completing the purchase via the ServiceNow store.

When do I need to renew my subscription for another term?

Issue a new purchase order within five business days of the current term expiration. AMI will provide a new license key which you will apply to your ServiceNow instance to continue using the software.

Do you have any material that would help me create a business case for my supervisor?

Yes. Start with our ROI calculator. We’ve got a ton of other materials for you on our site.