Information Security Experts

Information Security Experts

Your guide to implementing the most secure ITAM solution

With information security a clear priority at global companies, any ITAM solution has to incorporate serious data protections. How do you ensure the necessary security for the ITAM?

Start with the issues you face. Here’s a checklist:

Identify Challenges

  • Unsecured data outside the firewall
  • Financial constraints
  • People constraints
  • Technology constraints
  • BYOD
  • Other solution features that take precedence over security
  • Internal consensus and adoption

What You Need

  • Built in the ServiceNow platform for secure use
  • Data not expose to third parties
  • Accurate data can be leveraged across organizational units
  • #1 most popular ITAM solution for ServiceNow
  • Tested by third parties
  • Used by Fortune 500 clients, federal, financial, military, and other highly secure environments.

How AssetTrack Helps

  • Accelerates digital transformation
  • Dashboard for real-time reports
  • Completely built on the ServiceNow platform for secure integration
  • Makes it easy for enterprises to get and keep accurate information
  • Can be configured/customized to meet the needs of the enterprise
  • Reduces use of high-priced resources on tasks that can be automated