lifecycle process

ITAM Lifecycle Process

Many of our customers are referred to us due to mergers or internal/external audit requirements–or simply the desire to begin measuring the financial performance of the IT organization by tracking assets.  Since it’s all about data, analyzing the processes that maintain IT asset data is critical to ensuring data is maintained accurately over time.

For clients early in the asset management process we recommend an Asset Lifecycle Process Scorecard (ALPS).  This is AMI’s “lightweight” consulting service that guides enterprises through understanding the business drivers making ITAM important and gathering current state information.  AMI’s assessment provides an asset lifecycle process blueprint that is used to evaluate ITAM solution provider service and technology offerings, plan and manage the project and measure results.

Whether AMI becomes a vendor or not–the goal of providing this assessment is to help enterprises understand their goals before they make a large investment in technology and consulting so that they only have to do the implementation once. Often, AMI is brought in once the data in an ITAM system is corrupt and unusable due to lack of process.  Our mission is to prevent wasted time, effort and budget.

Typically, ten to fifteen processes are identified and completed parsed in a delivered ALPS. We also include an ITAM Metrics Worksheet that is used to baseline the objectives and to measure results of an ITAM program.

The 30-day process requires that AMI have 8-12 hours of access to key stakeholders.


Thomas Watson - CEO of AMI - ITAM Lifecycle ProcessAuthor: Tom Watson

Tom Watson is AMI’s President and CEO. He began his career in high tech in 1996, as a software engineer for his own software company.  After a subsequent stint at IT Asset Management firm Micropath as senior architect for that company’s asset tracking system, he founded AMI to develop hardware asset tracking technology solutions for enterprise IT Asset Management customers.