ITAM Manager

ITAM Manager

Your guide to finding the best-of-breed ITAM solution

As an ITAM manager, you play the key role in identifying the right ITAM solution for your organization. How do you persuade other constituencies, including senior executives and possibly a buying committee?

Start with the issues you face. Here’s a checklist:

Identify Challenges

  • Data is incomplete and inaccurate
  • Field techs are too busy to provide asset updates
  • Compliance is lacking
  • Discovery tool doesn’t deliver complete data
  • Stockrooms or assets in transit are “invisible”
  • Audits take too long to complete
  • Clunky integration into ServiceNow
  • Security is at risk with inaccurate data

What You Need

  • Complete, current and accurate information
  • Easy to use by field technicians and demonstrable labor Savings by automating ITAM processes
  • Fast and easy audits to assure reporting is accurate and reconciled
  • Real-time reporting to show accuracy by location or user to know where processes are breaking down
  • Secure implementation that doesn’t expose company data to third parties
  • Cost savings from eliminating ghost assets and licenses
  • Assurance that equipment is tracked to prevent data security risk

How AssetTrack Helps

  • Designed to be easy to use in the field and save time
  • Flexible audits, including multi-user
  • Save field-tech time
  • RFID and barcode scanning that is device-agnostic
  • Real-time, complete and accurate reporting
  • Out-of-box, scalable enterprise solution
  • Built in ServiceNow, so highly secure
  • Saves money controlling inventory, not paying for what you don’t have