ServiceNow Admin

ServiceNow Admin

Your guide to identifying the best ITAM solution for ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow administrator with years of experience in IT services, you’re concerned with making sure that SN configuration is not compromised and that any ITAM solution is fully adaptable for a custom workflow process. How can you ensure you get the best option?

Start with the issues you face. Here’s a checklist:

Identify Challenges

  • Complexity of CMDB
  • Customized solutions needing updates
  • Any technology that negatively affects your ServiceNow performance
  • Discovery tool doesn’t deliver complete ITAM solution - stockrooms or assets in transit are “invisible”
  • Vendor risk
  • Internal consensus and adoption

What You Need

  • Certified, scoped applications
  • Guaranteed operability with ServiceNow native apps
  • Easy to implement and maintain
  • Configurable and customizable
  • Improved service to internal audiences with analysis and reports
  • Security integrity
  • Fast and friendly support when needed

How AssetTrack Helps

  • #1 ITAM solution for ServiceNow
  • Completely built on the ServiceNow Platform for secure use
  • Out-of-the box solution
  • Able to configure/customize to meet enterprise needs
  • Improves data quality - enforces 100% accuracy of data input
  • Deep ServiceNow expertise
  • Fast and friendly support when needed