Asset management, tailored to your business.

Don’t squeeze your business into an ill-fitting hardware asset management tool. Get a custom fit.

Schedule a free program assessment and see how AMI AssetTrack® can enhance your existing hardware asset tracking program on ServiceNow. Because to get where you want to go, you need HAM that meets you where you’re at.


Get more from your asset management platform.

Keeping track of your company’s assets can be a headache. That’s why you need a hardware asset management partner that has your back. We’re obsessed with making asset management an easy experience. Leverage our expertise on asset management and learn what focused HAM can do for you.

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Tailored to you

Better HAM shouldn’t be hard. AssetTrack® plugs right into your pre-existing processes—through user-defined workflows and forms, comprehensive scanning functionality that supports all devices and formats, and our Advanced Audit feature that allows you to get as granular or automated as you want with your hardware asset management.

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More rapid ROI

Customized HAM isn’t just easier— it’s more cost-effective. AssetTrack® costs less upfront than ServiceNow HAMPro—but it’s the operational efficiencies that really up the ROI. Automate manual workflows, streamline time-consuming reconciliations, and free your team to focus on adding value to your business.

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Supported by the best

When you switch to AssetTrack®, you’re putting unmatched asset management expertise on your side. Power your HAM with our deep experience supporting hundreds of thousands of assets for mid-market companies across the world. Lean on our dedicated support to anticipate and manage challenges as they emerge.

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AssetTrack® vs HAMPro

It’s not that ServiceNow HAMPro is bad. It’s that you deserve better.


How does AssetTrack® work?

Tap into AssetTrack’s unique advantages

An asset management solution built to fit—and enhance—the way you work.

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Easier to use

  • Track your hardware with
    fewer clicks
  • Harness the data you need to
    get work done
  • Reduce clutter with simpler forms
  • Get compliance without complexity
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Better controls

  • Assume total control over inputs to ensure only clean and accurate data makes it into your system
  • Boost oversight over unknown or unexpected assets through advanced alerts and scanning
  • Get equipped with the tools you need to determine next steps
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Advanced automation

  • Clear the grunt work off your desk with end-to-end automation
  • Benefit from automation at every step in the asset lifecycle — from receiving, to auditing, to retiring
  • Automate workflows immediately with simple configuration that fits common use cases