Supercharge Your ITAM With AssetTrack Pro

People, process and technology in a complete hardware managed service

Capture All the Benefits of #1 ITAM App for ServiceNow…

AMI Assettrack Mobile App

Capture All the Benefits of
#1 ITAM App for ServiceNow . . .

Complete Visibility

Built-in dashboards for instant and automated reporting

Utmost Availability

Know where all of your assets are at all times to maximize use

Reduced Costs

No more ghost assets: Buy and maintain just what you need

100% Data Accuracy

Real-time updates and audits keep records current and complete

Improved Compliance

Automated and simplified collection and management ensures data you can trust

Enhanced Security

Native to ServiceNow, our app has all the platform’s protections, plus real-time, lifecycle asset visibility

Data-driven Decisions

Reliable and relevant information drives better ITAM strategy, projects and programs

Digital Transformation

Automate every asset lifecycle step

Robust Tracking Options

Barcode and RFID scanning using any device

AMI Assettrack Mobile App


. . . With Managed Services at
Every Asset Stage

Using AssetTrack for ServiceNow, Re-Source Partners provides the manpower and knowhow for a world-class ITAM operation built on best practices

All-in-One Hardware Lifecycle Services

1. Receive

Tag, scan, reconcile purchase orders,
upload to ServiceNow asset database

2. Configure

Securely configure and process
new or returned hardware

3. Store

Warehouse at secure depot,
reducing inventory requirements

4. Deploy

Pick, pack and ship or transport and deliver, check out, check in and move assets among users

5. Retire and Dispose

Archive complete chain of custody, remove, erase data and wipe drive, package and transport, update database, assess value and resell, donate, recycle


Increase Effectiveness with Additional Services

1. Inventory Audits

Resolve discrepancies between ServiceNow information and audits

2. Replace and Refresh

Efficient receiving, configuring and deploying of new equipment and handling of old equipment

Doubling Down on Proven ITAM Expertise

We’ve joined forces to provide a holistic solution for ITAM managers


  • Tracking 4.5 million assets
  • Serving global and national enterprises
  • Operating in 250 countries
  • Best-selling ServiceNow app
  • First multi-user ITAM audit software

Re-Source Partners

  • Processing 400,000+ assets annually
  • Processing facilities across the country
  • Hardware audits for ServiceNow
  • Robust, secure depot services
  • Assured lifecycle chain-of-custody

Recognize these ITAM Pain Points?

We can handle them:

Issue:Internal workflows that don’t support excellent ITAM

AssetTrack Pro:
People, process and technology managed for excellent results

Too few locations to process, configure, store, and track everything

AssetTrack Pro:
Secure centralized depot equipped for all your needs with regional facilities across the country

Field technicians and IT staff prioritizing other projects and deadlines

AssetTrack Pro:
Field technicians focused on your priorities and achieving your goals with real-time reporting

Internal workflows that don’t support excellent ITAM

AssetTrack Pro:
Workflows designed, tracked, and managed for excellent results

Asset managers performing routine tasks instead of mission-critical work

AssetTrack Pro:
Asset managers focused on opportunities for digital transformation across the organization

Disparate systems and vendors can’t deliver real-time data to ServiceNow

AssetTrack Pro:
One contact integrating people, process and technology into ServiceNow