Work-from-home self certification

AMI Delivers a Fast and Easy Solution for Hardware Asset Management to Track Work-From-Home IT Equipment

SEATTLE, December 15, 2020—AMI, the world leader in RFID and barcode IT hardware asset management (HAM) software, has solved a major cost, security and compliance headache for organizations that have employees with company-owned IT equipment working remotely during the pandemic. 

Hardware Asset Management

AMI has developed a new end-user self certification feature in AssetTrack for ServiceNow, the best-selling Hardware Asset Management solution on the Now platform. The feature makes it simple for employees to verify computers and peripherals, either taken from work or subsequently bought to enable work from home.

AMI clients in financial services, government and healthcare are launching AssetTrack self-certification by year-end. 

The need for remote IT asset management is urgent: Already, insider data breaches are on the rise due to remote work, according to Forrester. Insider incidents will account for one-third of all breaches in 2021, the research firm predicts.

Physical inventories are often mandatory

Most companies, government entities, and non-profits require IT staff to conduct periodic physical inventories of hardware in data centers, stockrooms and user locations. That approach doesn’t work for the off-premise equipment, however.

“The risk of not knowing where your assets are is huge, including lost or stolen laptops that lead to data breaches and counterfeit equipment with spyware popping up at companies,” said Thomas Watson, founder and CEO of AMI. “AssetTrack’s® end-user certification is a critical tool for managing IT availability, security, compliance, and costs of remote hardware devices.”

How self-certification works

End-user certification takes seconds to complete. Organizations send each employee an email link to a form in AssetTrack® running on the employer’s ServiceNow instance. The form displays all known IT assets assigned to each user, with fast verification options. Users can add equipment and arrange to return devices. Companies can customize the form if additional information needs to be collected. 

Organizations can choose to accept the information into their ServiceNow CMDB and trigger alerts for exceptions, such as a serial number entered for a smartphone that corresponds with a laptop. In those cases, IT asset managers would follow up to resolve outstanding issues.

About AMI

AMI helps large companies keep track of their hardware assets so they save money and stop wasting time. We make it easy for people in the field to track assets with barcode and RFID automation, easy for asset managers to configure and control, with dashboards that show all the activity, monitors accuracy, and tracks trends so everybody knows assets are being managed properly.

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