AssetTrack 4.2

AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.2 Release

AMI is excited to announce the release of  AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.2, our latest software release delivering industry leading RFID and barcode control system technology. AssetTrack® for ServiceNow includes best-in-class tools for consumable management, dashboard and reports, Self-certification out-of-box (OOB), and lifecycle history tracking is out-of-box (OOB).  In addition enhancements have been made to advanced audits, self-certification, lifecycle history, and to the base product.

What you can expect from the AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.2 release:

Manage Consumables

Asset Managers can now manage consumable consumption with simple, easy to use workflow.  Rather than guessing if you have the correct consumable in stock, asset managers can now be alerted that stock is low and a purchase can be requested.  The consumables management processes come OOB forms for:

  • Audit consumables
  • Add and remove consumables

Dashboard and Reporting

AssetTrack® dashboard and reporting capabilities have also been enhanced with additional reports as well as attribution analysis.

Lifecycle history and Self-certification OOB

Both Lifecycle history and Self-certification are now OOB and additional files are not necessary to install.


Advanced Audits

  • Advanced Audit performance improvements
    • Cache enhancement to support Advanced Audit improvements
    • Added a ‘Rebuild Form Cache’ button
  • Added a ‘Scanned by’ field
  • Removed ‘Asset Tag Not Empty’ Validations on Audit forms
  • Tweaked the ‘Not Empty’ Validator audit state
  • Advanced Audit will not delete serial numbers or asset tags from the audit instance results


  • Standardized the Self-Certification field names
  • Added a ‘hide search’ box option
  • Added a button to auto-generate the Self-Certification URL to send to users

Lifecycle History

  • Updated AMI Entity Fields that reference the Lifecycle History table
  • UI in Manage forms is now set to determine what Lifecycle fields you can connect to

Base Product

  • Enabled pre- and post- with form definitions
  • OOB functionality for Offline Sync has been stabilized
  • Changed the order of the ‘Check in’ and ‘Check out’ form
  • Standardizing the Choice List in Entity Designer

Additional information can be found in our Knowledge Desk.  If need help with upgrading or installing new features, please contact [email protected].

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