ServiceNow Kingston Certified

AssetTrack for ServiceNow is Kingston Certified


AssetTrack for ServiceNow is Kingston Certified

Kingston is the latest release of the ServiceNow application and was first made available in early January of 2018.
AssetTrack for ServiceNow, the only native ServiceNow certified platform application for barcode & RFID asset tracking, is now Kingston Certified.
What’s New?
  • Custom alm_asset Table Support – Track assets in your own custom asset tables.
  • Facilities Asset Tracking – Track facilities assets alongside hardware and other custom assets.
  • Transfer Configuration From One AssetTrack for ServiceNow Instance to Another – Simplifies change management; Enables version control; Eases migration from dev, to test, to production; Improves debugging and support.

100% developed in the ServiceNow platform and requiring no external servers, platforms, or services – AssetTrack for ServiceNow helps organizations around the world maintain 99%+ accurate hardware asset data.

AssetTrack streamlines receive, track, audit and disposal processes so you can confidently respond to audits, avoid financial penalties, minimize risk, save money and make important decisions quickly.

There is no contact form required to access the complimentary trial inside the ServiceNow store.

About Asset Management International

Established in 2003, Asset Management International (AMI) provides barcode and RFID asset tracking solutions that help companies receive, track, audit, and report on assets to make informed decisions with confidence. AMI’s flagship product, AssetTrack, uses cutting-edge data capture and reconciliation technology to maintain accurate asset data organization-wide. AssetTrack is used as a stand-alone comprehensive IT asset management solution as well as alongside industry leading vendors including ServiceNow, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Computer Associates. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, AMI serves enterprise clients throughout the world including United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Visit for more information.

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