AMI does not use Log4J

Many customers have asked if AMI uses the vulnerable Log4J open-source software.  We don’t. Neither AssetTrack for ServiceNow nor AssetTrack Server use Log4J.  At this time, no vendors to AMI have provided notification of their vulnerability to this exploit. This includes ServiceNow, who has published their own response regarding Log4J indicating how the ServiceNow platform is not vulnerable.  We will continue to monitor…

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Using AssetTrack for ServiceNow in the FedRAMP High Cloud

FedRAMP provides certification for platforms like ServiceNow, AWS, Azure, etc. ServiceNow Scoped Apps don’t get certified for FedRAMP. The platform does. Here is a statement from ServiceNow directly regarding FedRAMP certification of Store apps: —- “Customers wishing to use AssetTrack for ServiceNow in their ServiceNow FedRAMP environment need to add the app to their Authority…

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6 Ways How Hardware Asset Management Delivers Eye-Opening ROI

Hardware Asset Managment ROI

After taking a hit this year, global IT spending may rise but US spending will face another uphill climb in 2021. Gartner is predicting a 4% global increase to $3.8 trillion, compared to a drop of 5.4% in 2020. Forrester is expecting U.S. tech investment to fall 1.5% in 2021.   One prediction we can all…

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with a Control System

Digital Transformation

Companies of all sizes are doubling down on digital transformation in the wake of the coronavirus. IDC predicts that digital transformation will account for more than 50% of all information and communications technology investments by 2023, up from 36% in 2019. So, two things: If you aren’t working to accelerate digital transformation of your ITAM,…

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Get Started with Multi-User Audits within AssetTrack for ServiceNow

Multi-User Audit

Now available to existing AMI customers, AssetTrack for ServiceNow 3.0 delivers many new capabilities, including the first-of-its-kind multi-user audit function. Multi-user audits are a giant leap forward in data collection. Instead of a single field tech laboriously scanning every piece of equipment in a stockroom, data center, warehouse or other location, teams can divide up…

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The Business Case for ITAM’s Strategic Value

ITAM's strategic value

The fact is, strong ITAM is critical to helping companies move forward and become more resilient and digital in the wake of the pandemic. But your boss may need some persuading about ITAM’s strategic value given budget cuts and competing priorities. Here are some key reasons strong ITAM is fundamental to the success of your…

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Control Systems are Essential for ITAM Results

ITAM Control System

The pillars of IT asset management are people, process, and technology. Without all three working together in harmony, an ITAM program will not deliver results. The key to an exceptional ITAM program is a control system that aligns the three together.    Business backbones Amazon, long known for its logistics, is dependent on control systems.…

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Are You Confused About the New ServiceNow Receiving App?

Confused about ServiceNow

ServiceNow has recently rolled out a smartphone hardware receiving app that is creating some confusion among asset managers on what it does and doesn’t do. We’ve had a number of clients ask about it, and here’s what I’m telling them. First off, you need to keep in mind that the goal of enterprise ITAM is…

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ITAM Review Awards for 2020 Underscore Industry Leadership


I was glad to see that ITAM Review, which provides news, reviews and resources for ITAM and SAM professionals, announced its annual excellence awards in May, even if the ceremony had to be held virtually due to Covid-19. Organizations need a feel-good story right now, and these awards accomplish that by honoring some of the…

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