IT Asset Tagging Guide

Asset tagging recommendations from the experts

The Asset Tagging Guide provides expertise in labeling IT assets for effective hardware asset tracking using barcode & RFID technology.  It should be read by anyone who is considering tagging IT assets.

Why asset tagging projects fail

Many companies have tried and failed to tag assets using their own asset tags.  Failures stem from poor choice of materials, bad numbering schemes, bad label placement and other factors.  This is why so many of our customers have multiple tags on assets, one from each failed asset tagging project.

This document is intended to show the various options that are available for barcode labels, including:

  • Pros and cons of undertaking a new asset tagging effort
  • Material/cost choices for the asset tag labels themselves
  • Designing the numbering scheme for the labels
  • Label recommendations
  • Label placement

How AMI can help

If you elect to proceed with asset tagging, AMI can assist on designing the labels, supplying them, and maintaining the numbering scheme so that uniqueness is maintained across resupply orders. Regardless of who provides the tags, there are things you should know about them.

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