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Intelligent Automation Tools for Hardware Asset Tracking

By Tom Watson | January 30, 2021

There is a myriad of ways hardware asset management can fail. Not having a solid asset tracking automation system in place is one of the main reasons. Many companies are still using manual processes, spreadsheets, and slow, frustrating data capture tools, which makes accurate data capture impossible and leads to bad data in the system, poor user adoption and zero potential for accurate analytics.


Hardware Asset Management in the Work-from-home Environment

By Tom Watson | December 15, 2020

Hardware asset management is often the task companies know needs to be done but never makes it to front runner in objectives. Software is usually the major focus, but this year things have changed. The pandemic has forced companies to address their hardware asset management with an urgency never felt before.


AssetTrack® Pro: Re-Imagine Asset Management

By Tom Watson | November 5, 2020

AMI CEO Tom Watson and Re-Source Partners CEO Mike Loria discuss AssetTrack® Pro.  This is a joint effort combining the power of AssetTrack® with the expertise of a proven managed service provider for all stages of the hardware asset lifecycle.  This gives asset managers control over every asset while it is tracked  from receiving through disposal all in ServiceNow.

AssetTrack® for ServiceNow Lifecycle Analytics with Time Tracking

By Tom Watson | November 5, 2020

Lifecycle analytics gives asset managers the ability to track time at each change in status.  This gives them significant abilities to easily generate reporting on asset status and process times.  Asset managers can use this to control costs, asset utilization and process improvement.

AssetTrack® Advanced Auditing Demo

By Tom Watson | November 5, 2020

Advanced auditing is a break-through for high volume enterprises.  Teams are now able to perform audits quickly in storerooms and warehouses, asset managers can define and schedule specific audits, analytics can track quality and analyze areas for improvement.

AssetTrack® for ServiceNow Demo

By Tom Watson | October 6, 2020

Improve receiving with AssetTrack for ServiceNow

By Tom Watson | October 6, 2020

AssetTrack® for ServiceNow Introduction

By Tom Watson | April 19, 2020

Do you know Jerry? A day in the life of an over-worked IT asset manager.

By Tom Watson | November 24, 2015

AMI Webinar – Auditing the Hardware Asset Repository

By Tom Watson | August 28, 2015

How do you know your hardware asset data in your ITAM or CMDB repository is accurate?  Auditing your hardware asset repository is the first step.

People, processes and technology are imperfect. Even with the best designed asset lifecycle tracking solution, assets will slip through the cracks, and database accuracy will degrade over time. As data quality degrades, so does trust in your ITAM solution. You have to audit.

Tom Watson, President & CEO of AMI, explains the best practice for organizing and executing a regular hardware location audits across your enterprise. Asset managers will learn how to design and implement their own location audits, including the people, process and technology needed, to ensure hardware asset data is complete, current and accurate.