ITAM managed services

Should You Move to ITAM Managed Services?

Ever look at your ITAM program and think if only I had more: time/ resources/ support/ organization/ control/ access to new technologies/ peace of mind?

You’re in good company.

We see ITAM programs in every stage of maturity, completeness, and, frankly, effectiveness. Organizations generally stand in one of two camps:

  1. Those striving to get to a functional ITAM program
  2. Enterprises with mostly strong programs but stretched thin and struggling to cover every facet consistently

Now, everyone is facing the added pressure to accelerate digital transformation within the IT organization as well as the enterprise as a whole.

Speed up ITAM Improvement

What obstacles stand in your way to success?

  • Maybe your organization is unceasingly understaffed.
  • Perhaps this crisis environment has revealed weak spots in your ITAM operation.
  • Thanks to M&A or organic growth, you’re making do with a patchwork of processes, cobbled together with spreadsheets, partial databases, and unreliable inventory counts.
  • Are you saddled with legacy infrastructure and old value chains while trying to progress to digital platforms?
  • Do you struggle with field support because, let’s face it, ITAM isn’t their priority?

One proven way to reach your goals and improve performance, faster, no matter where you are on the ITAM maturity curve, is turning to technology managed services. According to CompTIA, firms that regularly or frequently outsource technology operations are significantly more likely to report excellent or good ROI (72%) compared to those who occasionally outsource (63%) or rarely/never do so (56%).

What to look for in a managed services provider

If I were sizing up managed service providers:

  • I’d short-list companies that are established, with tons of experience working with large, complex IT organizations. Ask how they dealt with ugly situations and talk to those clients.
  • Look for a firm that with best-in-class digital processes, especially if that’s a challenge in your organization. I’ve seen breathtaking efficiencies achieved with something as fundamental as a customized request and receipt process.
  • Fluency in asset management software is an absolute requirement. Forrester has written, “Software has eaten the world of infrastructure.”
  • I’d target MSPs proficient in ServiceNow if I were interested in moving to or already using this platform.
  • Focus on metrics and accountability. What do their dashboards look like? Can you access a real-time valuation of your inventory? What reporting metrics will the MSP use to demonstrate savings? What protections do they offer against data leaks and security breaches?

The right MSP will do the legwork to make digital transformation as turnkey as possible for you. If you’re already there, an MSP can ensure you are maximizing your investment and using all the functionality present to ensure the real-time accuracy, compliance and security of your ITAM program.

What you do is critical to your organization. But internal culture, processes, and systems can keep you from serving internal constituents at a strategic level. Think about how you could leverage IT managed services. This may be the time to make your move.

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